Gracie McKinstry-Smith

DSC_0164Hi there! I’m Gracie, and I launched Add a Little Happy to add a little more color, whimsy, joy, and happy to your every day life. I started this blog as both a creative outlet for myself, but also because I believe that in our busy (and sometimes stressful) lives, we forget to think about the small things that bring us happiness. Stick around for new ideas, creative projects, every day adventures, and enough color to make you smile!

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And who am I?

Born and raised in Minneapolis, I have been obsessed with all things colorful for as long as I remember. Today, my apartment and wardrobe are filled with color – everything from bold pillows to rainbow kitchen accessories. And then there’s my love of all things sweet. If you say the words bread, cheese, sugar, or chocolate, I can smell it a mile away. When I travel, I make a list of every good bakery I can find, and I spend part of every vacation day tracking them down.

I’ve always been the creative type, and during the week you can find me working in the Marketing department at a Fortune 500 company, planning mentorship events for students, working on my photography and graphic design skills, and creating for this blog. On the weekends, you can find me teaching my fish a new trick, planning my next travel adventure, exploring anything and everything in Minneapolis, and eating lots and lots of dessert!

For me, happiness comes from adding pops of color, trying a new creative project, exploring the world, and sharing all of it the with the people I care about. That’s YOU! I hope you’ll stick around!